Theraflex Western Pads – Used



We have two used Theraflex pads, one is 28″ long (black holder) and the other is 30″ long (brown holder). They are both used and well cared for.

The Theraflex is one of the best pads to use for effective results while riding any of the revolutionary Parelli Saddles.

The Theraflex® Pad is a self inflating, auto-balancing pad that:
* Evenly distributes the weight of the entire saddle tree
* Improves saddle fit
* Alleviates pressure points
* Provides anti-slip performance
* Protects the horse’s back
* Allows the horse’s back to flex and move more freely
* Allows the skin to breathe, and COOLS the horse through the evaporative process.
* Insures No pressure on the spine or its ligaments
* Improves air flow and release of heat
* Allows right and left balance for the rider
* Improves the feel of riding by facilitating close contact
* Improves the horse’s comfort and performance

Retail $440 , Members Price $340, Our Price $220 plus shipping.

Please call or email for more information.
970 372-8665

Pierce, CO Seller: SavvyAcres
$ 220 Ad#: 995
Brand: Parelli
Size: Horse - Average
Color: Black
Condition: Used - Regularly
Website: https://www.savvyacre .html
Ad Created: 11/11/2015
Ad Updated: 1/13/2018

Contact: Marion (SavvyAcres)

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