Pleasure Driving Cart/Jog Cart



Pleasure driving cart and matching harness. Black with royal blue pinstripe; matching accents on harness. Full horse size. Both in excellent condition. Covered & stored in barn. Tires in good shape, hold air.
Natural wood basket; Removable boot; Jog cart stirrups fixed to frame.
Cart was used for competitive pleasure driving but the removable boot & fixed stirrups provide versatility as a trotter, pacer or hack cart.
Manufacturer: Wilform Buggy Works~Long Beach, CA

Loveland, CO Seller: v1ct@ry
$ 1200.00 Ad#: 1993
Brand: Wilform Buggy Works~Long Beach, CA
Size: Horse - Average
Color: Black
Condition: Used - Slightly
Ad Created: 5/14/2016
Ad Updated: 5/26/2016

Contact: Lori (v1ct@ry)

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Pleasure Driving Cart/Jog Cart