SOLD — Horse Forecart by Pioneer



SOLD — Pioneer began building Forecarts in 1986. Many changes and improvements were made over the years. Today Pioneer continues to offer the original model after it became a standby for many farmers and trainers throughout the world.

Sliding drawbar for multiple hitches.
Tongue can be offset for multiple hitches

Platform size = 28 1/2″ wide by 23″ long
Overall width of outside wheels = 54″

Loveland, CO Seller: CCourtney2016
$ 700.00 Ad#: 2202
Brand: Pioneer Equip Co
Size: Horse - Average
Color: Red
Condition: Used - Slightly
Website: http://www.pioneerfar
Ad Created: 7/23/2016
Ad Updated: 7/28/2016

Contact: Cheryl (CCourtney2016)

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