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Owner/Instructor Cody Harrison began horseback riding with an instructor at the age 5, and continued with professional riding instruction as an apprentice to an international Classical Western Clinician. Cody Harrison has since gained experience as a horseback riding Instructor, Trainer and Clinician in the state of Colorado and has presented at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo and the Big Wyoming Horse Expo.

Cody’s knowledge and understanding of equine development, horse bio-mechanics and horse and rider movement allows him to work with horses of all ages. He is a talented riding instructor with a goal to teach riding skills that enhance the student’s equestrian experience and performance with their horse. Cody excels at teaching his students basic riding skills as well as advanced skills including Dressage, Jumping, and Western disciplines. Cody believes that as a horse trainer and horse owner, we must always be trying to better the health, fitness and longevity of our horse’s life and career. We achieve this by reducing mental and physical stress for both horse and rider to a minimum. Relaxation allows for a more efficient and better learning environment. We must work with the anatomy of both horse and rider to keep them in balance and relaxed which allows for all effort to be used for positive movement rather than wasting energy from tension. It is equally important to know the horse’s limitations so we do not ask for more than the horse is capable. You must allow the horse time to understand what it is being asked of him yet at the same time know when to push.

Cody focuses on lightness, mental and physical balance, basic horsemanship knowledge, and safety in lessons and works with client’s horses providing daily training reinforcing his methods of gentle, yet effective consistent horse training. Regardless of the discipline of the rider, it is absolutely necessary to have proper understanding and a good mindset.

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