RR Saddlery Trail Saddle



Beautiful saddle for sale. About 15.5-16″ seat; medium-wide tree that would fit a horse with medium withers well. It is a bit narrow for my mustang mare who doesn’t have much height in her withers. It is exceedingly comfortable and in great condition. Just cleaned again and found no loose sticking or weakness. Sheepskin underside. Has lots of rings for attaching packs and also four tie ons for coats etc. Plastic stirrups are also in good condition and could be replaced with endurance style stirrups for added comfort.
Sad that this didn’t fit my mare and hope it can be used on the trail soon!
Pad and girth not included.

Centennial, CO Seller: Makendra
$325 Ad#: 2583
Brand: RR Saddlery
Discipline: OTHER
Size: 16.0
Color: Black
Condition: Used - Regularly
Website: http://denver.craigsl ist.org/grd/612114622 3.html
Ad Created: 5/30/2017
Ad Updated:

Contact: Makendra (Makendra)

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RR Saddlery Trail Saddle