Banner Advertising with AllThingsHORSE


AllThingsHORSE provides you as a seller an option to place banner advertising that can provide maximum exposure for your animal, product or service. Banner ads are located strategically within the site providing one of the most cost-effective advertising opportunities to expose your animal, product or service to the widest view-ship possible. Banner advertising allows you to:

  • Target specific buyers increasing your animal, product or service exposure,
  • Make a big impression in multiple locations throughout AllThingsHORSE or in just one category,
  • Change your advertising message or imagery mid-campaign making them more effective and powerful,
  • Get the most positive exposure; AllThingsHORSE policy requires advertising that relates only to the website’s content,
  • Stand out as only a limited number of banner ads are contracted to give our advertisers prime positioning and exposure.


Banner Advertising Specifications and Location Options
supports banner ads in six of the site categories and three different in-page locations. You may select one or more categories (Horses, Saddles & Tack, Farm/Ranch, Services, Horse Riding Vacations and/or Horse Motels) and one or more locations within a page.


Site category size offerings and options within a page are:

  • Top Banner – Leaderboard (720 pixels x 100 pixels; approximately 10″ x 1.5″)
  • In-Line – Leaderboard (670 pixels x 100 pixels; approximately 9″ x 1.5″)
  • Right Sidebar Upper – Skyscraper (120 pixels x 600 pixels; approximately 1.75″ x 8″)


NOTE: You may choose to place banner advertising in a specific category, or have it rotate throughout all of the categories on a random basis.


Cost for Banner Advertising – advertising is placed either in a specific requested category area or rotated through out the AllThingsHORSE website at our option.

  • $100 per ad per month, any size advertisement
  • $250 per month when you place all three advertising sizes
  • $250 per ad for a 3 month period of time, any size advertisement
  • $625 for all three ad sizes for a 3 month period of time
  • $625 per ad for a 6 month period of time, any size advertisement
  • $1,500 for all three ad sizes for a 6 month period of time


Additional Specifications: Banner ad files may be submitted in .jpg, .gif or .png file format. PNG usually provides for better quality and scalability. Files should be in 72 dpi and not exceed 150kb. Animated banners are permitted although they are limited to a maximum of 3 rotations. You may submit multiple banner advertisements to be included with your ad campaign. Please let us know how we can best help you to make your campaign as successful as possible.


Campaign Details and Getting Started
All campaigns are month-to-month unless otherwise contracted; you can cancel at any time with a minimum 7 day written notice before your campaign renewal date. While we will endeavor to notify you of a campaign expiration, ultimately, it is the advertiser’s responsibility to notify AllThingsHORSE of their intent to renew a campaign or to let it lapse.


To inquire about an ad campaign, please send an email using our Support Form. Please include your contact information, company information, desired method of contact, and a description of the product or service to be advertised. A representative will contact you to learn more about your advertising needs and how AllThingsHORSE can best place your adverting. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.


You may also use the Support Form to send your advertising content for review and suggestions. Please remember to include alternative text and the domain address for your website’s landing page. If you need assistance in designing your ad, AllThingsHORSE is ready to help with our design suggestions. A pricing list is available upon request.